Meth Testing

How to order a Meth Test?

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your testing type
  3. Use ID # 150410 in the Certified Sampler Input Box
Making Sense of Meth Testing

The last year or so has seen a significant increase in people’s awareness as to the risks associated with meth residues in property. Perhaps it is because companies like MethSolutions are finally making affordable, high quality meth tests available to people? Over 40% of the properties MethSolutions sample have meth in. It is irrefutable evidence like this, combined with an understanding of the likely scale of the problem 15 years of use and manufacture has had on property, which means more people are now getting a sense for how significant the risk is!

After 15 years of use and manufacture the number of Meth Affected properties is significantly greater than decent people realise

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